Nanogames For Therapists

"I am adjunct faculty at Rockhurst University in Kansas City for the OT program (in addition to my 'real' job at The Rehabilitation Institute of KC) and one of the activities I have the students do is find online games that their patients could use with a trackball, HeadMouse and switch input. One of them came across the Nanogames site and it is great! Over the last week I have shown the site to our OTs in our rehab clinic and we are loving it." Suzie Wiley, OTR
ACCT Program Adaptive Computer & Communication Technology

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Accessible games that are flexible enough to be useful for clients of all ages. Nanogames are used by pre-school child through to 80+ years.

Nanogames are based on standard computer games. If they are played using their default settings they play no differently than many games available today.

However, Nanogames are uniquely flexible to cater for a much wider range of abilities. This means a player with the lightning fast reflexes of a typical teenager can play and enjoy them, but so can a player with a significant disability, or a senior new to computers.

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