About Nanogames

The latest Nanogames are the result of a 20 year interest in accessible and flexible computer games. The name 'Nanogames' is a reference to 'nano manufacturing' where at some time in the future, it will be possible custom manufacture almost anything, atom by atom. With this level of customisation there will be almost no limit to what can be built. Computer games should already be even more customisable than real-world objects. In a game environment there are no rigid limits of physics. Inertia, gravity and other real world barriers are under full control of the game developer, who frequently mimics real-world physics, and as a result, recreates real-world barriers.

Interestingly, many games are much more flexible while under development. Developers use custom tools that allow them to tweak any aspect of the game, then before releasing the game to the public, these potentially useful tools are removed and once again a rigid game framework is released to the masses to exclude anyone without the lightning reflexes of a teenager.

Nanogames reintroduces that flexibility, by adapting games to allow the player to adjust the games through a much wider range than usual.

Dennis Asher
Webview Ltd
2 Meridian Street
New Zealand