For Parents and Caregivers

 Reasons to buy Nanogames for your child or client

Video Games a can help your child with problem solving and creativity and can help children's brain development. Games don't have to be labeled as educational to help children learn to make decisions, use strategies, anticipate consequences and express their personalities . In contrast to parents and caretakers most children see video games as a social activity creating a common ground and provide structured time with friends. Boys in particular make  games a frequent focus for conversation among their peers. Children and in particular  boys like to compete with friends vie for status and recognition.  Research shows that  "competing and  and winning" is one of the most popular reasons for playing video games.  Games are a safe place to express these urges and can give children who aren't good at sports a chance to excel. Many people buy Nanogames because they have a child (or adult-child) with a significant disability and Nanogames allows them to ALL play the same set of games.

My daughter and her housemates love these does everyone who sees them. I've spent quite a bit of time searching for entertaining, appropriate computer based games for persons with various skill levels, and it is a frustrating, exercise. I did a little dance when I found these because they are perfect - adaptable and fun! Wish there were 30 more! Sandy, Charlotte, NC

"David is 9 yrs old, has quad. cerebral palsy... he wanted to thank you for the games"

Finding computer games that are flexible enough to cater for the wide range of abilities among multiple users is a difficult task - except with Nanogames. These games are extremely flexible. One customer bought for her 76 year old mother-in-law (who is very new to computers), and her 3 children (6, 14 & 16). Few games are that adaptable.

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