Gold Fishing


Collect the enough gold to proceed to the next level. The goal value in dollars is at the top left of the game screen.



Rotation Speed
Controls the speed of rotation of the hook. Slower is easier.

Initial Level Time
The time limit on the first level. Extend the time limit for an easier game.

Extra Time Per Level
Each new level has a higher dollar target goal, but it also gives you extra time. Here you can increase that time if you wish.



Click anywhere on the game area to launch the hook.

Press the Spacebar to launch the hook.

Single Switch Scanning
The hook will rotate automatically. Click to fire.
NOTE: If you choose "Mouse Click Only (Scanning)" then a large green button will be displayed below the Game Menu and below the Game. Your mouse cursor must be positioned over the large green button while scanning for the mouse/switch clicks to be detected.