Nanogames For Educators

"I just wanted to let you know that I will be using these games to assist with switch selection for a variety of the students I come in contact with as an Assistive Technology Specialist with Mobile County Public Schools. I am really excited to have these games as I serve a variety of ages, grades, and exceptionalities."

Jeanette Morgan M Ed
Homebound/Hospital Teacher
Assistive Technology Specialist
Mobile County Public School System
Alabama, USA

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Welcome to Nanogames for Educators

This page is designed for teachers, teacher aides, lecturers and others interested in computer games and education.


Nano games are designed to be accessible to people with even severe levels of physical or mental disability. They target students of all grades from preschool through to adults. They are flexible for a wide range of abilities so that a player with lightening fast reflexes can play and enjoy them as much as a player with a significant disability

Nanogames are based on standard computer games which allows them to be adjusted so that they are challenging to students of all abilities playing no differently than many games available today, this is especially useful in classes where the mainstreaming of able bodied students and students with disabilities occurs.

Learning Objectives

Nanogames contains a large number of types of games and so that many different learning objectives can be met. The Nanogames Master Collection comprises 30 games covering a wide variety of declarative, procedural and problem solving knowledge (Oosterhof, 2003).

Features of Nanogames for Educators

Declarative Knowledge:

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