Suspect's faces are displayed briefly then one is hidden. Choose from your row of faces which one is hidden. There are ten levels to the game.


Set the values for the first level and last level and the game will calculate the levels between.

Number of Suspects
Sets how many suspects are displayed in the top row.

Number of Choices
Sets how many faces are displayed in the lower row

Delay Before Hiding Suspect
Time in milliseconds before hiding the suspect. The range is from 1000 (1 second) to 15000 (15 seconds).



Click the mouse on a suspect to select it.

Use your cursor keys to move through the suspects and the SPACEBAR or ENTER/RETURN key to select.

Single Switch Scanning
The possible suspects will be automatically highlighted in sequence. Press to select your chosen suspect.
NOTE: If you choose "Mouse Click Only (Scanning)" then a large green button will be displayed below the Game Menu and below the Game. Your mouse cursor must be positioned over the large green button while scanning for the mouse/switch clicks to be detected.