Accessible Pile Of Balls game

Pile Of Balls


Remove balls by connecting 4 or more of the balls of the same color. Remove as many balls as possible. When the balls reach the top the game is over.



Initial Descent Speed
The speed of the falling balls at the start of the first level.

Descent Speed Increase Between Levels
Decreasing the value will make subsequent levels easier.

Ball Rotation Time
Speed at which the balls rotate.



Move the mouse left and right to guide the column. Click to rotate the order of the balls in the column.

Playing by Keyboard Use your LEFT and RIGHT keys to move the column side to side, and use the UP or DOWN key to rotate the falling column.

Single Switch Scanning
The falling balls will move automatically from side to side. When it is in the position to require, press your switch, key or mouse button. Until the balls reach the bottom, each subsequent press will rotate the falling balls to help you align them with the rows of balls below.
NOTE: If you choose "Mouse Click Only (Scanning)" then a large green button will be displayed below the Game Menu and below the Game. Your mouse cursor must be positioned over the large green button while scanning for the mouse/switch clicks to be detected.