Marble Lines


Fire into the line with a matching color ball. Your aim is to prevent the line of balls reaching the hole at the end on the channel. When this happens the balls will rapidly pour down the hole and you lose the game.



Initial Line Speed
Decreasing this value will increase slow the growth of the line and give the player more time.

Line speed increase between levels
Each new level the line starts moving slightly faster. Decreasing this value will lower the increase in difficulty between levels.

Initial line length
Decreasing this value will start each level with less balls.

Increase in line length between levels
Decreasing this value will lower the increase in balls at the start of each level.

Marble shooter rotation speed
Controls the speed of rotation when using single switch scanning. This speed is not linked to the general scanning speed in the 'Player Settings' and must be adjusted separately.



Move the mouse to aim the cannon, click to shoot

Playing by Single Switch
The cannon will rotate slowly clockwise. When it is pointing in the right direction, click the mouse to fire. After you fire the cannon will rotate more rapidly anti-clockwise to allow you to quickly reposition the cannon. Once the cannon has moved past the direction you want to aim at, click the mouse / switch and the cannon will move more slowly forward waiting for you to click the mouse / switch to fire.

Use your cursor keys to rotate the cannon and press the SPACEBAR or ENTER/RETURN key to fire.

Single Switch Scanning
The ball launcher will rotate automatically. Press your key, mouse or switch to launch the ball. The rotation speed of the launcher can be controlled using the 'Marble shooter rotation speed' settings below.
NOTE: If you choose "Mouse Click Only (Scanning)" then a large green button will be displayed below the Game Menu and below the Game. Your mouse cursor must be positioned over the large green button while scanning for the mouse/switch clicks to be detected.