Prevent the rows of pumpkins filling up by creating groups of three pumpkins (horizontally or vertically) and they will vanish. Watch out for the wicked witch who will add more pumpkins to each row when her time is up.



Groups Required To Advance
Defines the number of groups (sets of 3) required before advancing to the next level.

Witch Time
Sets how much time you have before the witch strikes. When the witch strikes she adds more pumpkins to each row. The default is 60 seconds but you can increase the time up to 5 minutes.



Move the mouse up and down to select the row that best matches the new pumpkins. Click the mouse to place them.

Playing by Keyboard Use cursor (arrow) keys to move up and down the rows, then press the Spacebar to select.

Single Switch Scanning
Playing by Single Switch The cursor will move down automatically, just click the mouse to place the new pumpkins. Adjust the automatic scanning cursor speed in the 'User Settings'.
NOTE: If you choose "Mouse Click Only (Scanning)" then a large green button will be displayed below the Game Menu and below the Game. Your mouse cursor must be positioned over the large green button while scanning for the mouse/switch clicks to be detected.