Accessibility Features In Nanogames

Edit The Game Menu
Present the player with just one game, a selection of games, or all 30 games. It's your choice. Use the 'Game Menu Editor' to select the games available to the player and reorder the grid-display of games. The Game Menu editor is ideal when providing games for specific goals or providing a gently structured introduction to the games - introducing them to the player one by one.


One Game or...
Some Games or... All games

Edit the Games
Nanogames provides a consistent set of easy-to-use controls for all the games. There is no need to learn a different editing system for each game.

Change the speed of all 30 games simultaneously using the Global Game Speed Control or edit each game in detail, adjusting not only the speed, but several key aspects of each game (lives, time limits, number of objects/questions etc.) with the generous range of adjustment available.

Global Game Speed Controler

Game Editor Panel
Adjust all 30 games simultaneously with the Global Game Speed Controller or  adjust each game individually

Game Control Devices Supported