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"Have a go on the free trial download if you'd like to see just how flexible these games really are. Bloomin' marvellous!" -"

"I bought your Nanogames for my parents who have never played computer games before and they love them. Contact me when you have more games."
Suzie USA

"...we have many young and adult switch users who will totally benefit from your software. Just being able to play a game competitively with siblings and/or friends is so cool."
Gabriel Laigo, Assistive Technology Day Camp, Seattle, Washington

"I am adjunct faculty at Rockhurst University in Kansas City for the OT program (in addition to my 'real' job at The Rehabilitation Institute of KC) and one of the activities I have the students do is find online games that their patients could use with a trackball, HeadMouse and switch input. One of them came across the Nanogames site and it is great! Over the last week I have shown the site to our OTs in our rehab clinic and we are loving it."
Suzie Wiley, OTR
ACCT Program Adaptive Computer & Communication Technology

"I just wanted to let you know that I will be using these games to assist with switch selection for a variety of the students I come in contact with as an Assistive Technology Specialist with Mobile County Public Schools. I am really excited to have these games as I serve a variety of ages, grades, and exceptionalities."
Jeanette Morgan
M Ed Homebound/Hospital Teacher
Assistive Technology Specialist
Mobile County Public School System
Alabama, USA

My daughter and her housemates love these does everyone who sees them. I've spent quite a bit of time searching for entertaining, appropriate computer based games for persons with various skill levels, and it is a frustrating, exercise. I did a little dance when I found these because they are perfect - adaptable and fun! Wish there were 30 more!
Charlotte, NC

"David is 9 yrs old, has quad. cp, uses a Tracker for his computer and communication device. He wanted to thank you for the games"

"My daughter is 15 yrs old with CP. She really enjoyed these games."

"By the way, Gold Fishing is played with switches daily by many of our consumers with severe disabilities. Some consumers who cannot play anything else in the room are successful with playing Gold Fishing. Our record, I believe, is level 30 by an individual who has a disability!"
Leah Gardner Director of Removing Limits Through Technology
Assistive Technology Program
United Cerebral Palsy of North Texas"

"There are very few computer games available for seniors. My mother has limited mobility, but enjoys puzzles and very easy to use computer games (mostly solitare). When I viewed your games, I was certain my mother would be able to use the computer to play most of them."
Grace, Lorton, USA

"I’m excited about Nanogames. My mother-in-law is 76 and just mentioned that she wants to use her computer more, to keep her mind alert and active! ... I also have a 3 kids – 6, 14 & 16. This will allow me to taylor games to all of their skill levels. Allowing us to download a 7 day trial was just perfect and helped us to decide to purchase after playing for about an hour."
Pam, Iowa City, USA.

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